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Jan. 20th, 2009



Well, the finalists for this year's competition has been posted on the IGF website. Sadly, none of the DigiPen submissions made it into the Main Competition finals this year.


The Student Competition finalists will be announced Wed, Jan 21st. Good luck to those who are in the student competition! Let's keep the DigiPen winning tradition going strong!

Jul. 19th, 2008



The PAX10 finalists have been announced, but unfortunately there are no DigiPen games on the list this year.

With Slamdance cancelled, and the fact that DigiPen will not allow any student games to be submitted to Intel's game competition this year, it looks like the only chance remaining to get your games noticed this year is IGF. If your team gets their game entered into IGF, good luck.

If anyone knows of any other game competitions going on, feel free to post about it here, but also let the GAM instructors know about it so we can get more student games into competitions.

Jun. 19th, 2008


Try Havok for free!

If you have not already heard, you can now try the Havok physics and animation engines for free.


Jun. 12th, 2008


Dream Build Play Contest 2008

Microsoft recently announced they will be holding another "Dream Build Play" contest this year and that everyone who registers will receive a FREE 12-month trial to XNA Creators Club. 


May. 30th, 2008


12 months of XNA Creators Club for free

I recently came across this information, so I thought I'd share it in case any of you are interested in trying to make games with XNA on the Xbox360. Microsoft DreamSpark is offering 12-month free trial memberships to XNA creator's club, which saves you $100.  Check it out if you are interested. (They also offer other software, but most of it is also on the Academic Alliance site anyway.)



Jan. 28th, 2008


School Closed Due To Snow

Both the DigiPen Art Campus and the Main Campus will be closed today due to winter snow conditions.

Please check the SRS bulletin board for updates, or go to www.schoolreport.org for more information.


Jan. 15th, 2008


GDC Expo Passes

If you didn't win one of the passes that DigiPen was giving away, you can still try to win one by checking out this link:


Jan. 14th, 2008


This is interesting...

 This isn't exactly programming related for us, but in its own way it IS real-time interactive simulation.

It's definately an interesting concept, and it actually works....

Maybe this will help people to think a li

Dec. 11th, 2007


Good luck during finals this week

Don't stress too much and just think of that nice long vacation you've earned! 

Oct. 30th, 2007



Rainbow Studios has three internships available for this January; Art, Engineer and Design. Please go to the website for further information and the position descriptions for the internships.


Deadline for applications is November 30. 


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