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DigiPen RTIS Students
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The DigiPen RTIS Students LiveJournal
This journal is dedicated to the students attending the Real Time Interactive Simulation degree program at DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, Washington. This journal is not affiliated with the administration of DigiPen in any way and the information and opinions expressed here are those our members.

Since some other journals created with a similar purpose have degraded into off-topic rambling, petty arguments, abuse and other livejournal drama this journal was created to provide a more focused environment relating to issues, concerns, general information and questions that students in the DigiPen RTIS program may have.

We value the freedom of speech, but keep in mind that if a posting is abusive or offensive to another member it will be removed upon request of those who are offended. If something posted here offends you let the admins know and the posting will be reviewed and removed if needed.

Try to keep post trolling to a minimum so that constructive conversion can be maintained and users will be able to find helpful information when they need it without having to wade through a sea of posts to find an answer to a question they might post.

Thank you.

Disclaimer: Any opinions, statements, comments etc. made here are the opinions of the journal members and are not nesc. representative of the views of DigiPen nor its administration, faculty, or other staff.